I can help you image
I’m afraid to get on a plane.
I am fearful of driving. 
I feel blocked and I want something more. 
I want to be more confident. 
I had a difficult experience that I can’t let go of.

These are all examples of blocks that keep clients from living the life they want to live. 

The work I do removes these blocks.

In simple terms…

  1. We work to first understand the context of the problem.
  2. When and where is the problem occurring?
  3. What impact does it have on your life?

Tapping and hypnosis/hypnotherapy work in different ways over the arc of this process. Sometimes one technique resonates more than the other; many times a combination of techniques create the greatest shifts. I will work with you to determine the most effective approach.

It is empowering for someone to move through a transformation, to see and understand the power of thoughts, and to see and recognize their own strength and resilience.

The ability to heal and change is limited only by one’s desire to change their own conscious mind. Changing your mind can truly change your life and how you experience it.